​​​Full event management for events, markets and festivals

End to end event management solutions  

  • With many years experience of implementing events, we are well versed at identifying suitable sites, establishing workable servicing arrangements.consulting with affected businesses & stakeholders.
  • We have developed robust event planning documentation for safety compliance.
  • We develop an event proposal which will act as a live document for each event.

Full delivery of visiting markets

  • We provide the licensing expertise to license a one-off market, and ensure effective management arrangements.
  • We have built an extensive list of traders nationwide and we can build markets and programmes to theme.
  •  We understand the legislation that governs markets and street trading.​

Stakeholder engagement

  • Stakeholder engagement is usually the responsibility of the client but if you are too busy we have the know how to undertake this important aspect of event planning.


  • We will work with you to encourage local opportunity. How local people can be involved, do local people need a showcase, do local community, arts trust and third sector organisations need a platform to encourage membership?


  • We will work with you to identify stall opportunities for local charities, colleges, young enterprise, and potential entrepreneurs.  

Marketing & Promotion

  • We will offer the opportunity to form a promotional partnership, and we will advise on channels to use in print media, listings, social and digital channels, and local advertising channels.

  • We will also endeavour to grow your social channels, and promote your webpages.  This can be done in a number of ways, including planned releases pre and during the event on social media, to build anticipation and to encourage attendance. We can also use of competitions, flash offers, give-aways to encourage involvement.

Entertainment Programming 

  • ​We can provide you with proposals for event programmes that include  quality mix n' mngle street entertainment, circus acts and stage entertainment, we have some fantastic DJs on our books, a variety of stage sizes and styles., We have built a portfolio of local and and well known stage acts and bands, we have good links in comedy circles and excellent promotional agency links. In short, if you need an impressive event, we can help you build it.                                                                                                                                                                                     

​​​Licensing of Regulated entertainment and alcohol

  • There have been recent changes to licence pertaining to regulated entertainment in public places, this makes it easier to obtain a license for amplified music playing to less than 500 people prior to 11pm.  Whenever alcohol is sold however we ensure that the local police and local authority licensing teams are comfortable with our application, and any local initiatives, DPPOs, alcohol free zones, Think 25 will be observed.

  • Did you know that for the larger events we have made it possible to save on costs and lead times by licensing the event via Temporary Event Notices rather than via a Premise License. 

    To get in touch  you can                    info@eventsinspire.net         or                   on  07714649663