We provide the expertise to license one-off markets, and possess the framework within which  a full time market can be developed. We also ensure effective policies are formulated for licensing and management arrangements.

We have an extensive list of  traders nationwide and we can theme markets to suit a wide number of themes and occasions.

​We provide an in depth understanding of NABMA market initiatives, such as  'Love Your Local Market', and 'Mission for Markets' and we keep up to date with industry latest. We understand the legislation that governs markets and street trading, and we use this knowledge for your benefit.

We will respond to your brief with a proposal and an event plan which will highlight responsibilities, resource and safety issues.





​26th-28th May 2017

Greenwich haloween

27th-29th October 2017

David Palmer-Barnes

​Founder and Director

Emily Skinner



Innovative community focused events for your location.

Are you seeking a provider that understand the complexities of delivering events, markets and festivals in town centre locations. Events Inspire are a dedicated  team of event professionals with many years of experience delivering events to build social capital by encouraging community involvement and local opportunity.

We think creatively to develop events and programmes that make that impact in your local community.  We work with creative partners and

infrastructure providers that together know how to bring ideas to life! We have delivered all types of event from Food festivals, Music Festivals, Christmas, holiday & seasonal  Programmes, Diwali celebrations, Halloween and Easter,  Showcase & Active events.. We have also gained previous experience planning and delivering on large events and campaigns with the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Tour de France, Thames Festival, Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race, HRH Jubilee Celebrations, London Open House, London Festival of Architecture, Small Business Saturday & Love Your Local Market.


Call us now to discuss your events programme for 2018.

markets & festivals

To get in touch  via                   info@eventsinspire.net         or                   07714649663

Greenwich music festival

2nd-4th June 2017

Diwali festival of light

​21-23 OCTOBER 2016


 the UNIVERSITY boat race PUTNEY

24 MARCH 2018

We listen to what you are saying, and use our experience to build your brief into our proposal. From this we will develop a shared event plan. 

We promise to be innovative in our response to your brief, and also in how we operate our events.We aim to deliver events tailored to your needs and those of your stakeholders.

We believe that a strong relationship and communication are key to delivering successful events together.

We believe that the local priorities we meet, the community engagement we necessitate, the digital imprint we make and the buzz we create are vitally important.

We organise events, markets and festivals in town centre locations. We are  conversant with event licensing legislation and we ensure all our events are compliant..


We  deliver all types of  events, on-street, in park and in-venue and we have the experience and know-how to theme events to fit  cultural and international celebrations.  We’re always open to new challenges and ideas so why dont you put our vast event organising know-how to the test?

​A  feature of working with Events Inspire is we are adept at proucing full entertainment programmes, we design all our own literature, advertisements, banners, and pull up banners to really give our events a confidence, and cuts down lead times which can be important when meeting event deadlines which might be short.


 19-21 FEBRUARY 2018

With over 20 years experience of delivering events, markets and festivals


 23-25 MARCH 2018